Sauna 'Sweat Club'

What to Expect
Single is 1 person session. Social is 2 person session (same household)

Enjoy 20 minutes in a 7-seater sauna. Choose your temperature. Listen to meditative music, an upbeat station or sit in silence. Sweating starts within 20 minutes and deep sweating happens with multiple sessions. Loose clothing to change into afterwards is suggested.

Included in our infrared saunas is chromotherapy. Light Therapy is a great way to revitalize and energize.Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is the science of using colors to keep the body in balance.


Increases physical energy, stamina, grounding, spontaneity, stability, and passion


Stimulates creativity, productivity, pleasure, optimism, enthusiasm, and emotional expression


Increases fun, humor, lightness, personal power, intellect, logic, and creativity


Supports balance, harmony, love, social nature, and acceptance


Increase calmness, communication, honesty, self-expression, and appreciation for beauty

Stay hydrated. The sauna can be considered a passive workout as well as a healing experience, and replenishing yourself is a must.

215 W. B Street
Ontario, Ca 91762 (view larger map)